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Licenses and registrations


  • CERTIFICATE FOR PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION – it certifies the acquired professional qualification, it is issued after completed professional training of 960 classes and successful taking of State Exams in theory and practice in the job.
  • CERTIFICATE FOR PROFESSIONAL TRAINING – it certifies the conducted professional training in part of the job and it is issued after completed professional training according to a study syllabus for part of the job and successful taking of exams in theory and practice in the job.
  • CERTIFICATE FOR COMPLETED COURSE IN SAFE HANDLING OF SHOOTING ARMS – it certifies a completed course and successful passing of an exam in safe handling of shooting arms. The possession of this Certificate is an obligatory condition for issuing, keeping, carrying and using of shooting arms /for office purposes or for self-protection/, according to the requirements of Art. 81, para. 1, item 1 of the Law for the weapons, ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnics.


  • EUROPASS Supplement to the CERTIFICATE FOR PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION/ CERTIFICATE FOR PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. the Centre for Professional Education at the “International Services for Protection and Security” Sofia has been registered at the National Europass Centre in Bulgaria and it issues EUROPASS supplements to the documents for professional qualification. The supplement is attached to the original document and it is not an automatic system for acknowledging it in other countries. It can’t replace the original qualification, but it contains a detailed description of the skills and competencies acquired by the holder of the certificate for professional education and training. The EUROPASS Supplement has the aim to orientate employers in the countries of the EU about the contents of the professional training and the acquired knowledge and skills by the holder of the document for professional training as in this way the mobility of human labour is facilitated in the EU member-countries. The Centre for Professional Education issues EUROPASS Supplements in Bulgarian and English if the graduating students express their wish to acquire them.