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The Centre for Professional Education (CPE) at “International Guarding and Security Services” Ltd. in Sofia is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training to perform education in the job “Security Guard” code number 861010 of the List of Jobs for professional education and training with License № 201112952 from 30.01.2012. The training is performed after graduation from high school in the 3-rd level of the professional qualification as it follows:

  • “Bank Security and Money Collection Activities” code number 8610101;
  • “Personal Security Guard” code number 8610102;
  • “Physical Security Guarding of Sites” code number 8610103.

The Centre also organizes primary education for applying for the positions “Manager of Security Activities” and “Security Guard” within the Programme-Minimum of the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior with a workload 40 classes and duration from 5 to 10 days. Graduation from this primary education is an obligatory condition for being appointed for the position of a “Security Guard” for candidates without this job’s qualification according to the requirements of the Law for private security activities.
The study plans and the curricula are consistent with the Law for professional education and training and provide the necessary theoretical, practical and professional motivation for their realization. Our aim is to closely acquaint you with the job of a “Security Guard”, to acquire its technology and instruments so that right after finishing your training to be able to be involved in this business – completely prepared to start your professional career with the confidence of a real professional!
The students who have been honored the third level of the professional qualification in the job “Security Guard” in the specialities “Bank Security and Money Collection Activities”, “Personal Security Guard” or “Physical Security Guarding of Sites” can apply for the jobs (professions) of the National classification of the jobs and positions (the year 2006): 5169-3002 security guard, 5169-1003 armed security guard, 5169-1004 patrol, security services, 5169-1006 field guard-watchman, 5169-3010 junior instructor in security, 5169-3011 senior instructor in security, 5169-3012 driver of a special vehicle, 5169-3013 chief technical assistant, 5169-3014 chief technical assistant-host, 5169-3015 chief technical assistant- armourer, 5169-3016 assistant in security, 5162-3005 junior vehicle controller, 5162-3008 police security, 5162-3009 police patrol, 5162-3010 policeman, 5162 technical assistant in police and other security services, 5163-3002 prison warden, 5163-3003 prison guardian, 5163-3004 security guard in investigation services, 5163-3005 prison security, 5163-3006 prison security guard, etc.
The students who have been honored the professional qualification in the job “Security Guard” have priority when all other conditions are equal in applying for jobs at the state security structures.
The new economic and social realities which define first of all the development of the market relations, property protection, appearance of new subjects of economic activities, as well as the increased risk conditions in which economic entities and people function, the crime rate and frequent encroachment on property, generate necessity for development of organized professional activity in guarding of economic entities and people. The job of a “Security Guard” is performed by hundreds of thousands officers in security companies and units for self-protection in banks, organizations and companies.
Latest institutional statistics show that security guards in Bulgaria are 160 000 and their employers’ requirements have constantly been increasing.
After completion of the course the Centre issues a certificate of professional education depending on the kind of the undertaken training.

If the graduating students wish – the Centre for Professional Education issues the additional document EUROPASS in Bulgarian and in English languages as an appendix to the Certificate for Professional Training / Certificate for Professional Qualification. For more information, please, refer to the section “Licenses and Registration”.

Regular and extramural forms of education are available. Training is conducted in small groups in a modern well-equipped classroom and sports facilities for performing of practical training in mental, physical and shooting preparation.

In the Centre for Professional Education (CPE) at “International Guarding and Security Services” Ltd. the teachers are highly qualified, they have graduated prestigious military and civic higher schools, universities and academies, as well as additional specializations in countries-members of NATO. They are not only formal lecturers and mentors but also advisers and partners of the students. They not only share their competencies but they also perceive as their own personal cause the transformation of each student into a professional. The aim of our teachers’ team is to provoke the interest of the students, to motivate them for active participation in the educational process and to achieve effective results in the professional training – high level of acquired knowledge and skills and improved personal characteristics for successful professional realization of the students.
The (CPE) at “International Guarding and Security Services” Ltd. works with vouchers within the Programme “I Can More” for:

  • professional training for acquiring of professional qualification and for training in the job of a “Security Guard”;
  • Education in the key competence “Communicating in Foreign Languages” – levels A1, A2 and B1 according to the Common European Language Framework.

The Centre also works within projects of the Operational Programme “Development of Human Resources”.
According to the Permit issued by the Sofia Directorate of the Interior “International Guarding and Security Services” Ltd. conducts courses for handling of firearms.
In the framework of the License issued by the NAVET the (CPE) at “International Guarding and Security Services” Ltd. performs corporative education and seminars organized along the requirements of a concrete employer. Educational fees depend on the length of the training and they are reasonable.