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INTERNATIONAL SERVICES FOR PROTECTION AND SECURITY LTD comes to the Bulgarian market at the beginning of 2008.

We have national License 1337 in compliance with the Law on Private Security Business, issued by the National Police Service, for performing all complex of private security activities, as well as License № 201112952 from 30.01.2012, issued by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, for training of professional security guards for banks security and money collection activities, personal security guarding and physical security guarding of sites.

The training is conducted by highly qualified specialists with long experience in training and practice of security guarding.

            Our strategy is to perform complex education and training of specialists for servicing of corporate clients and companies, governmental organizations and NGOs, banks, hotels, casinos, clubs, restaurants, construction companies, industrial plants, stores, garages and office buildings on the territory of the whole country.

            Our goal is to transform our Centre for Professional Education at “INTERNATIONAL SERVICES FOR  PROTECTION AND SECURITY” into an example for training of future officers in the area of security and guarding activities.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICES FOR PROTECTION AND SECURITY guarantees high professionalism in the training of the students at the Centre, as well as serious training and high service culture. The basis for this is our selection of qualitative teaching staff and the management of the Centre.